The new VTB Stadium and Arena includes the redevelopment of the Dynamo Moscow Stadium and its surrounding park. The 300,000 square metre VTB Arena Park is thought to be one of the largest that will be developed in the Russian Federation in the coming years. The Dynamo Moscow stadium is located at Petrovsky Park in the heart of Moscow, a site that has a rich history that goes back to the year 1782 when Catherine the Great ordered the construction of the Petrovsky Palace. 

The two stadium and indoor arena will be situated above the existing wall of the old stadium, preserving the perimeter facade of the existing arena and integrating it functionally and aesthetically into the new proposal. To be financially self-sustaining, VTB Arena Park will also host cultural and retail facilities.

The outdoor stadium offers 27,000 seats with private suite boxes and VIP business seats. The indoor arena will be compliant with IIHF and the NBA and offer a capacity of 12,000 seats in hockey configuration, also including private suite boxes and business seats.

In July 2010, the owner and developer of the project, VTB Bank, selected Erick van Egeraat as the winner of the international design competition for the project. Soon after, in November 2010, MANICA was contracted to be the exclusive design architect of the project. Working with SPeeCH Architects as the local general architect in Moscow, VINCI Construction intends to complete the construction documents and break ground in late 2012. The project is anticipated to open in 2017.