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Congratulations to Tottenham Hotspur as the new Tottenham Stadium has been shortlisted in the Venue of the Year Category at the AV Awards.


The new Stadium showcases fan experience delivered through integrated audio-visual and production systems. Best in class products and systems have been selected in each area and integrated via an AV-over-IP infrastructure including thousands of endpoints to meet varied event requirements. This multipurpose facility transforms to become the only purpose-built NFL Stadium outside of the USA and the quality and scope of the experience provided sets it within the elite sporting venues. The stadium embodies the Club’s motto “To dare is to do”.


Vanguardia has provided support to the club throughout the Stadium design and construction process including ongoing support of the matchday operations of AV systems.


Vanguardia has provided design of Audio Visual systems, Sound systems and Acoustics. We have provided tender, project management and technical assurance for a range of packages including:

LED displays,

Perimeter LED Systems,

Matchday Production system,

IPTV systems,


Audio systems,

Local Presentation systems,

and Retail.


The new stadium includes:

  • The Largest LED screens in the Premier League including 3 levels of balcony front ribbon displays.

  • Pixel mapping to every pixel in the stadium bowl to allow truly immersive content.

  • A brand new loudspeaker product developed and brought into production for the stadium bowl.

  • The longest and highest Perimeter LED in Europe

  • Production with integrated video, sound and lighting in the bowl and stadium wide control of displays via the IPTV system for takeover moments.

  • Production systems, based in the video gallery, are used to simultaneously produce content for social feeds and live stadium feeds from all sources.

  • Mobile Production Carts and fibre cable infrastructure facilitate over 50 presentation locations though-out the site with connectivity for camera, audio, monitors, comms and tally to allow interviews or presenter locations.

  • The IPTV and digital signage system includes over 1,700 displays on a single system covering retail, concession, Concourses and over 30 unique Hospitality zones.

  • External LED Digital signage with 35 signs is configurable to allow dynamic messages and different event types.

  • The stadium systems allows the connection of matchday entertainers over DANTE at any location in the venue

  • The stadium includes a conference/banqueting hall, 800 capacity with deployable systems.

  • The press conference room includes a narrow pixel LED display and can also be used as a movie screening or presentation auditorium.

  • The retail “Experience” includes an event auditorium that has already been used to host an e-gaming tournament.



We wish Tottenham Hotspur every success for the upcoming Awards.