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Collaboration is key to everything we do at Vanguardia. We are proud to be part of the project team working at the Proyecto 5 Estrellas, Valencia Arena. This week the project was awarded ‘Best Project’ and ‘Best Collaboration’ in the large project category at the CIBSE Society of Digital Engineering Awards.


The project team worked seamlessly across three countries: Spain, Germany and the UK on this breathtaking new 15,600 capacity arena which will stage music, arts, culture and other sporting events.


On announcing the winner in the Best Project and Collaboration category, the judge commented “The decisive factor has been the well put together application that highlights the collaborative work several teams had to undertake to successfully deliver such a complex project. There were not only geographical barriers but also cross-functional barriers (several enterprises were involved) and most importantly, language barriers that were overcome by the use of technology and most importantly, willingness of all teams to fulfil the customer’s expectations.”


According to Vanguardia Consultant Octavio Lora Aranda, key to the success of the project was document transfer and sharing platform BIM360. “Being able to distribute documents and work in progress across all the consultants involved, made a real difference. It was really helpful to have access to all the model updates (structural, architectural and MEP) immediately after they were done, ensuring that every design detail was kept up to date. This ensured the work was done in an efficient way, avoiding delays due to clashes and lack of coordination.”


The full project team involved were: JG ingenieros S.A., Architects HOK, ERRE arquitectura in Valencia, Structural Engineers SBP in Stuttgart, GmasP in Valencia, Building Services engineers Ramboll in the UK and JG in Barcelona, Cost Consultants Core Five LLP in the UK and Castiel in Barcelona and Movement Strategies in the UK.