Vanguardia were appointed to undertake a site suitability assessment at Cowleaze Road, Kingston upon Thames for a proposed residential development consisting of affordable apartments for local working people. The site was in operation as a car park for nearby workers of the industrial units and was in close proximity to both existing residential dwellings and industrial uses. A 24 hour attended survey was undertaken due to the lack of secure monitoring locations. The duration of the survey was requested by the local authority (Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames) to ensure suitable representative measurements were obtained in light of the industrial units nearby and any potential night time activity that may be associated with current occupation.

The noise levels throughout the night-time period were not unreasonable and suitable mitigation for internal noise levels could be easily achieved, however, daytime levels to one side would be a potential issue and as a result an enhanced glazing and ventilation specification was incorporated into the assessment. The cause of the elevated noise levels was through the use of a compressor associated with an industrial unit. This piece of plant had no acoustic treatment and had the potential to cause a nuisance to future residents of the newly proposed development.

As new residential development can create problems for existing businesses to continue to operate or expand, a condition was placed within the Section 106 agreement that specified it is the responsibility of the developer to attenuate the "noisy" plant.