Key People

Mark Murphy

Associate Director

Mark's design experience includes some of the most high profile large event spaces in the UK such as the O2 Arena, Wembley Stadium and the London Olympic Stadium. He brings a passion for sound quality, a big picture view and an understanding of the details to the process of creating venues. Mark's expertise in sound system design and commissioning and the acoustics of performance spaces has led him into new technology areas such as active reverberation control and integrated AV systems. _________________________________ Email Mark +44(0) 20 7922 8861

Olly Creedy

Principal Consultant

Olly has key skills in acoustic modelling and architectural acoustic design. He has pioneered techniques for the prediction of environmental sound from concert sound systems including published papers. Olly has a background in music and physics. _________________________________ Email Olly +44(0) 20 7922 8861

Alex Krasnic

Senior Acoustic Consultant

Alex brings fourteen years of experience in building and environmental acoustics into the Vanguardia team and has experience at all stages of building conception from planning, through the design process and practical completion testing. _________________________________ Email Alex +44(0) 20 7922 8861

Jim Griffiths


Jim is a fellow of the Institute of Acoustics and won the Tyndall Medal for Acoustics for his contribution to the industry. He has authored numerous papers and undertaken government research. His ability to communicate the essential message behind the science of acoustics has made him the "go to guy" for promoters, owners and developers of some of the most prestigious UK venues and events. _________________________________ Email Jim +44(0) 1883 718690

Kevin Luckhurst

Principal Consultant

Kevin's experience in architectural acoustic design and modelling has been used on a wide variety of bespoke projects from studio sized spaces through to the London Olympic stadium. He brings an open approach to the use of materials and enjoys collaboration in architectural teams. _________________________________ Email Kevin +44(0) 20 7922 8861